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David Valin is an art dealer, artist promoter, artist market maker, technologist, inventor, forward thinker, lateral thinker, and an art publisher. He has been involved in many of the realms, backrooms, and societies of important places such as Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Archives of American Art, the Frick, and numerous art galleries such as Grand Central Art Gallery, Arnold Herstand, and many others.

He has also been surrounded by art collectors and art dealers through Art auction houses such as Sotheby's, Christie's, in New York, Skinners in Boston, Smithsonian in Washington DC, Butterfields in San Francisco, privately world wide, in Paris France, Germany, Britain, and Spain and has been involved in many exciting art adventures around the world.

He has been privileged to be invited into many studios and has associated with many of the art greats, from the 1940's to the 1950's and has experienced extraordinary art related discoveries, through his many associations with artists, curators, art collectors and art dealers world wide.

His belief is that if you help any artist whether they are a new artist or artist from the past, by discovering their art works, studying the artist and the art they create, and marketing them and their artworks to collectors, museums and galleries, you help promote Human accomplishment and creative ideas. And in this process you create knowledge for the future world that we were here, and we mattered. I created The Art Signature File for my personal use, and to help the average person to be able to briefly determine what their art is worth, as many people were simply throwing out art they did not like. Many people have mailed me letters thanking me for producing this book as they discovered many works of art.

He even had one person write him a letter, that their father was diagnosed with Cancer and after he got my book, he discovered a $10,000 painting quickly using The Art Signature File, his son described in the letter that this was one of the happiest times his father had during his recovery, this touched David, and made him keep publishing the Artist Listing Book!

In the 2014 edition we are increasing the volume of artists, and adding a new Modern Art section that will be related to the best of the New Artists that are out there today, and The Art Signature File also works very nicely on Mobile Phones, but we are adding a New application for easy hand held identification of Art, and Art objects, this version will be the best work ever, and will be a very comprehensive tool for art collectors, dealers, buyers and sellers!

The Art Signature File 2014 Is a reference book of signatures of artists that have sold at auction, in galleries, and through other other places, with information about the artist's and prices paid for the artist. It gives the, art lover, art researcher, collector, or art dealer the ability to "Check Out Artists" look up artists names, and match signatures to the artist signatures on paintings, and other works of art. You can easily search for artists by using only 2 or 3 letters in the Kindle edition and the possibilities are listed for the user to be able to look through.

The Art Signature File has been used by many Art Collectors, Antique and Art Dealers, and Corporate Art Acquisition Departments since 1992 as a reference tool.

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